Disseny d'una interfície gràfica d'un ordinador monoplaca de baix cost.

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 18:57
Disseny d'una interfície gràfica d'un ordinador monoplaca de baix cost. González Font De Rubinat, Paula Disseny d'una interfície gràfica programada amb el llenguatge informàtic C per un ordinador monoplaca de baix cost o Raspberry Pi.
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Disseny d'un prototip de BMS per al projecte Motostudent

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 18:49
Disseny d'un prototip de BMS per al projecte Motostudent Dorca Giro, Joan
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Estudi comparatiu de resistència lliscament longitudinal de lloses mixtes

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 18:41
Estudi comparatiu de resistència lliscament longitudinal de lloses mixtes Esteban Pérez, Mario Descripció: Comparació de la resistència entre perfils comercials de lloses mixtes existents al mercat i perfil d'una patent creada per el Departament de Resistència de Materials de la UPC. Resultats obtinguts d'experiments realitzats al laboratori de l'escola en diferents assaigs. Adquirir les bases teòriques per extreure les conclusions pertinents.
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Pre-processing techniques for improved detection of vocalization sounds in a neonatal intensive care unit

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 16:55
Pre-processing techniques for improved detection of vocalization sounds in a neonatal intensive care unit Raboshchuk, Ganna; Nadeu Camprubí, Climent; Vidiella Pinto, Sergio; Ros Fornells, Oriol; Muñoz Mahamud, Blanca; Riverola de Veciana, Ana The sounds occurring in the noisy acoustical environment of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are thought to affect the growth and neurodevelopment of preterm infants. Automatic sound detection in a NICU is a novel and challenging problem, and it is an essential step in the investigation of how preterm infants react to auditory stimuli of the NICU environment. In this paper, we present our work on an automatic system for detection of vocalization sounds, which are extensively present in NICUs. The proposed system reduces the presence of irrelevant sounds prior to detection. Several pre-processing techniques are compared, which are based on either spectral subtraction or non-negative matrix factorization, or a combination of both. The vocalization sounds are detected from the enhanced audio signal using either generative or discriminative classification models. An audio database acquired in a real-world NICU environment is used to assess the performance of the detection system in terms of frame-level missing and false alarm rates. The inclusion of the enhancement pre-processing step leads to up to 17.54% relative improvement over the baseline.
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The Functional Impact of Alternative Splicing in Cancer

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 16:27
The Functional Impact of Alternative Splicing in Cancer Climente-Gonzalez, Héctor; Porta-Pardo, Eduard; Godzik, Adam; Eyras, Eduardo Alternative splicing changes are frequently observed in cancer and are starting to be recognized as important signatures for tumor progression and therapy. However, their functional impact and relevance to tumorigenesis remain mostly unknown. We carried out a systematic analysis to characterize the potential functional consequences of alternative splicing changes in thousands of tumor samples. This analysis revealed that a subset of alternative splicing changes affect protein domain families that are frequently mutated in tumors and potentially disrupt protein-protein interactions in cancer-related pathways. Moreover, there was a negative correlation between the number of these alternative splicing changes in a sample and the number of somatic mutations in drivers. We propose that a subset of the alternative splicing changes observed in tumors may represent independent oncogenic processes that could be relevant to explain the functional transformations in cancer, and some of them could potentially be considered alternative splicing drivers (AS drivers).
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Uncertainty in near-surface wind speed trends at seasonal time scales

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 16:07
Uncertainty in near-surface wind speed trends at seasonal time scales Torralba, Verónica; Torras-Reyes, Francisco J.; Gonzalez-Reviriego, Nube Observational studies have identified wind speed trends in the last decades [1,2] attributed to several factors such as changes in the land use, aerosol emissions or atmospheric circulation. However, in spite of the potential impact of this long-term variability in wind energy activities, this type of variability has not been fully characterized yet. As a consequence such information is not currently incorporated in wind power decision-making processes related to planning and management. long-term wind speed variability. For some of these users it is still difficult to identify the most suitable dataset for their specific needs, because a comparison of the quality of the wind speed data from different reanalyses at global scale is not readily available. For this reason, the present study investigates the wind speed long-term trends at global scale in the last decades (1981-2015) using three state-of-the-art reanalyses: ERA-Interim (ERA-I), the Japanese 55-year Reanalysis (JRA-55) and Modern Era Retrospective-Analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA-2).
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Level of detail for complex urban scenes with varied animated crowds, using XML

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 15:59
Level of detail for complex urban scenes with varied animated crowds, using XML Toledo Díaz, Leonel Antonio; Rudomín, Isaac We present a system capable of handling several thousands of varied animated characters within a crowd. These characters are designed to have geometric, color animation and behaviour variety, nevertheless when a crowd becomes bigger, more memory is needed and is often difficult to achieve this objective. To solve this problem, we implemented two complementary data structures.
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Efficient data sharing on heterogeneous systems

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 15:58
Efficient data sharing on heterogeneous systems García-Flores, Víctor; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Peña, Antonio J. General-purpose computing on GPUs has become more accessible due to features such as shared virtual memory and demand paging. Unfortunately it comes at a price, and that is performance. Automatic memory management is convenient but suffers from many drawbacks, preventing heterogeneous systems from achieving their full potential. In this work we analyze the challenges and inefficiencies of demand paging in GPUs, in particular on collaborative computations where data migrates multiple times between host and device. We establish that demand paging on GPUs introduces significant overheads for these kind of computations, and identify the issues of false sharing and unnecessary data transfers derived from the granularity at which data is migrated. In order to alleviate these problems we propose a memory organization and dynamic migration scheme to efficiently share data between host and device at fine granularities and without software intervention. We evaluate our design with a set of collaborative heterogeneous benchmarks and find it achieves 15% lower execution times on average with cache line-sized migrations, but severely degrading performance on benchmarks that access large blocks of contiguous memory. Page-sized migrations, although inefficient, provide on average a 47% execution time reduction with our design over a baseline system implementing demand paging. Our results suggest that cache line-sized migrations are not feasible in systems using a PCI-Express interconnect. In order to understand how future interconnect technologies will impact the feasibility of fine-grained migrations, we evaluate our scheme with various link latencies. We find interconnect latencies four to five times lower than PCI-Express are sufficient to effectively share data at finer granularities.
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Sant Medir : propostes per a una urbanització en SNU

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 15:54
Sant Medir : propostes per a una urbanització en SNU Casas Claramunt, Ignasi Estudi de les urbanitzacions a Catalunya, centrant-se en les que estan en Sòl No Urbanitzable (SNU) i desenvolupant propostes alternatives a la situació actual, aplicables a la urbanització de Sant Medir, o Sol i Aigua, de Collserola. Aquest Projecte Final de Carrera s’ha realitzat conjuntament entre: Ignasi Casas Claramunt, Roger Maranges Bayó, i Martí Obiols Galí. Hi ha una part comuna: de les làmines 1-22 i també la darrera làmina. I cadascú entrega una part que només està a la seva entrega. Per consultar el projecte complet cal que miris les parts específiques a cada un dels co-autors les làmines 23 fins al final.
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Modelling bus contention during system early design stages

UPCommons - dv., 09/22/2017 - 15:52
Modelling bus contention during system early design stages Trilla, David; Hernandez, Carles; Abella, Jaume; Cazorla, Francisco J. Reliably upperbounding contention in multicore shared resources is of prominent importance in the early design phases of critical real-time systems to properly allocate time budgets to applications. However, during early stages applications are not yet consolidated and IP constraints may prevent sharing them across providers, challenging the estimation of contention bounds. In this paper, we propose a model to estimate the increase in applications' execution time due to on-chip bus sharing when they simultaneously execute in a multicore. The model works with information derived from the execution of each application in isolation, hence, without the need to actually run applications simultaneously. The model improves inaccuracy with respect to the existing model, and tends to over-estimate. The latter, is very important to prevent that, during late design stages, applications miss their deadline when consolidated into the same multicore, causing costly system redesign.
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LMI-based design of distributed energy-dissipation systems for vibration control of large multi-story structures

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 19:57
LMI-based design of distributed energy-dissipation systems for vibration control of large multi-story structures Palacios Quiñonero, Francisco; Rubió Massegú, Josep; Rossell Garriga, Josep Maria; Reza Karimi, Hamid In this paper, we present an advanced computational procedure that allows obtaining distributed energy-dissipation systems for large multi-story structures. The proposed methodology is based on a decentralized velocity-feedback energy-to-componentwise-peak (ECWP) controller design approach and can be formulated as a linear matrix inequality (LMI) optimization problem with structure constraints. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed design methodology, a passive damping system is computed for the seismic protection of a 20-story building equipped with a complete set of interstory viscous dampers. The high-performance characteristics of the obtained passive ECWP control system are clearly evidenced by the numerical simulation results. Also, the computational effectiveness of the proposed design procedure is confirmed by the low computation time of the associated LMI optimization problem.
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Advanced vibration control of large structures with distributed multi-actuator system and partial state information

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 18:36
Advanced vibration control of large structures with distributed multi-actuator system and partial state information Palacios Quiñonero, Francisco; Rubió Massegú, Josep; Rossell Garriga, Josep Maria; Rodellar Benedé, José In this paper, the design and performance of partial-state controllers with incomplete multi-actuation systems for the seismic protection of tall buildings is investigated. The proposed approach considers a partially instrumented multi-story building with an incomplete system of interstory force-actuation devices implemented at selected levels of the building, and an associated set of collocated sensors that measure the interstory drifts and velocities corresponding to the instrumented stories. The main elements of the proposed controller design methodology are presented by means of a twenty-story building with two different actuation schemes. For these control configurations, partial-state controllers are designed following a static output-feedback H8 controller design approach, and the corresponding frequency and time responses are investigated. The obtained results clearly indicate that the proposed partial-state controllers are effective in mitigating the building seismic response. They also show up that a suitable distribution of the instrumented stories is a relevant factor in the control system design.
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Combinatorial structures to modeling simple games and applications

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 17:31
Combinatorial structures to modeling simple games and applications Molinero Albareda, Xavier We connect three different topics: combinatorial structures, game theory and chemistry. In particular, we establish the bases to represent some simple games, defined as influence games, and molecules, defined from atoms, by using combinatorial structures. First, we characterize simple games as influence games using influence graphs. It let us to modeling simple games as combinatorial structures (from the viewpoint of structures or graphs). Second, we formally define molecules as combinations of atoms. It let us to modeling molecules as combinatorial structures (from the viewpoint of combinations). It is open to generate such combinatorial structures using some specific techniques as genetic algorithms, (meta-)heuristics algorithms and parallel programming, among others.
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New efficient chosen ciphertext secure Elgamal encryption schemes for secure cloud storage service

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 17:24
New efficient chosen ciphertext secure Elgamal encryption schemes for secure cloud storage service An Wang, Xu; Ma, Jianfeng; Xhafa Xhafa, Fatos; Qin, Baodong; Zhang, Mingwu Nowadays Cloud computation has become a commonplace information service paradigm for all actors in ICT field, from individuals to big corporates. In particular, Cloud platforms and data centres are being used each time more for outsourcing data. However, data owners often worry about their data security and privacy before outsourcing the data to the Cloud, thus it is often a practice to first encrypt the data sets and then outsource them to the Cloud. The drawback of this approach is that, if the encryption scheme can only achieve chosen plaintext security, it cannot be assured to achieve strong security against many kinds of malicious adversaries in the Cloud setting. The chosen ciphertext security is essential for outsourcing ciphertexts to the Cloud, on the other hand, in most cases the data owners prefer to choose high-efficient encryption schemes for saving computation and communication costs. In this paper, we propose a new way to achieve chosen ciphertext security for Elgamal encryption scheme, which is a very basic and usual primitive for encapsulating block data encryption keys. We propose two new chosen ciphertext attack (CCA) secure schemes. The first one, which is a public key encryption proved secure in the random oracle based on the computational Diffie-Hellman (CDH) assumption, has almost no additional overhead compared with the traditional (indistinguishable under chosen plaintext attack secure Elgamal scheme, except one additional modular exponentiation for the decryption. The second scheme, which is a key encapsulation mechanism (KEM) proved secure in the standard model based on a new non-interactive assumption, has only two group elements as the encapsulations. Thus we solve the open problem left by Hanaoka et al. in Crypto'12, which consists in how to construct anindistinguishable under chosen ciphertext attack secure KEM without pairings based on a non-interactive assumption and with two group element encapsulations. To prove the scheme's security, we develop a new assumption called verifiable CDH assumption. We also generalise our technique to several existing well-known CCA secure KEMs, including the Boneh-Mei-Waters (BMW) KEM and the Hofheinz-Kiltz (HK) KEM, and show that our new schemes are even more efficient than these well-known schemes. Finally, we propose a new framework for efficient and secure data outsourcing to the Cloud based on our new schemes and present a rough analysis of its security.
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El ciclo económico y los recursos minerales. Un enfoque austriaco

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 16:19
El ciclo económico y los recursos minerales. Un enfoque austriaco Franch Parella, Jorge Un gran avance teórico de la Escuela Austriaca, gracias a su elaborada teoría del capital, es la comprensión de los ciclos económicos. Los procesos monetarios expansivos producen graves errores de inversión que inexorablemente conducen a una recesión económica, en la que los errores se pondrán de manifiesto y surgirá la necesidad de liquidar los proyectos erróneamente emprendidos, elevando los niveles de desempleo y promoviendo la reasignación intertemporal de los recursos productivos. Uno de los sectores más perjudicados por este proceso artificial de alargamiento insostenible de la estructura productiva es la minería. Este sector es el que extrae los recursos minerales necesarios para el funcionamiento de las industrias de bienes de capital, y por ello acusa plenamente los efectos del ciclo económico, tanto en su fase alcista (sobreinversión y exceso de capacidad) como en la fase bajista (descenso del precio de mercado de las materia primas y de las ventas netas). Las variaciones de los precios de los minerales, como el níquel y la potasa, muestra un distinto comportamiento en función de cuál sea su situación dentro del conjunto de etapas de la estructura productiva. Se aplica el análisis teórico al caso de una economía avanzada con un fuerte peso del sector minero como es la australiana y se proponen algunas medidas de reforma.
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Entre un hall y cualquier otra cosa

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 16:17
Entre un hall y cualquier otra cosa Nieto Vicente, Ramón El siguiente ensayo reúne una serie de reflexiones que tienen como origen los vestíbulos de algunos edificios civiles de Barcelona. Tras la recopilación de los más significativos de la ciudad, el primer análisis, en el que todos los seleccionados se catalogaron y ordenaron por aspectos meramente formales y tipológicos sirvió para desplegar y entender las infinitas posibilidades que estas estancias ofrecían. En esta línea, es habitual que en los libros de arquitectura los edificios aparezcan representados únicamente por sus vestíbulos, ya que son su mejor carta de presentación, sin embargo, las publicaciones se quedan en lo superficial y no profundizan en lo realmente interesante de estas piezas; la repercusión que tienen tanto en su edificio como en su contexto urbano más inmediato. Esta reflexión que se sirve de la observación y la imaginación, de detenerse durante horas a contemplar cómo las personas utilizan los halls, es la que nos permitirá configurar todo el discurso, además de establecer relaciones entre algunos de ellos que a priori parecen no tener ningún punto coincidente. La estructura definitiva del ensayo no es más que un reflejo de este proceso de estudio y análisis, ordenado cronológicamente. Se inicia con un acercamiento a la morfología y configuración de los vestíbulos, lo que nos lleva a entender su capacidad para desarrollar en ellos un sinfín de actividades, tantas que muchas de ellas se expanden más allá de los límites del propio edificio, convirtiéndose estas estancias en la escenografía civil donde se produzcan hechos urbanos concretos. En este sentido y por la manera en que las personas los habitamos, éstos pueden llegar a formar parte activa de la ciudad. La observación sobre dichos comportamientos de uso plantean que sobre un mismo soporte existan diferentes ciudades individuales que cada uno de nosotros proyectamos gracias a la imaginación y curiosidad y que existen solo en nuestro imaginario personal. Así pues, el ensayo va de lo individual, la arquitectura, a lo general, la ciudad. Para ello, el discurso se apoyará en algunas de las teorías que grandes arquitectos a lo largo de la historia han ido desarrollando. De este modo, nuestros vestíbulos objetos de estudio son un inventario de ejemplos acerca de estas reflexiones, que por otro lado, admiten tantas posibles y diferentes lecturas que se ha tomado la libertad de reinterpretarlas en muchos casos para adaptarla al contexto que nos ocupa, (el del papel que juegan los vestíbulos con respecto a la ciudad), lo que explica que las citas textuales sean una constante a lo largo de todo el texto. El resultado persigue ser un cambio en el concepto ortodoxo de ciudad utilizando el vestíbulo como argumento, y que desemboque en el entendimiento de sus infinitas lecturas, por ejemplo las posibilidades de expansión de ésta sin necesidad de su crecimiento físico, la atención en los detalles casuales que ofrece, el uso personal que cada uno de nosotros hacemos de ella o cualquier otra cosa.
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Predictability of extreme intensity pulses in optically injected semiconductor lasers

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 16:12
Predictability of extreme intensity pulses in optically injected semiconductor lasers Martinez Alvarez, Nuria; Borkar, Saurabh; Masoller Alonso, Cristina The predictability of extreme intensity pulses emitted by an optically injected semiconductor laser is studied numerically, by using a well-known rate equation model. We show that symbolic ordinal time-series analysis allows to identify the patterns of intensity oscillations that are likely to occur before an extreme pulse. The method also gives information about patterns which are unlikely to occur before an extreme pulse. The specific patterns identified capture the topology of the underlying chaotic attractor and depend on the model parameters. The methodology proposed here can be useful for analyzing data recorded from other complex systems that generate extreme fluctuations in their output signals. This is a copy of the author 's final draft version of an article published in the journal European physical journal. Special topics.
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ORCHESTRA: an asyncrhonous non-blocking distributed GVT algorithm

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 16:12
ORCHESTRA: an asyncrhonous non-blocking distributed GVT algorithm Tocci, Tomaso Taking advantage of high computing capabilities of modern distributed architectures is fundamental to run large-scale simulation models based on the Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) paradigm. In particular, by exploiting clusters of modern multi-core architectures it is possible to efficiently overcome both the power and the memory wall. This is more the case when relying on the speculative Time Warp simulation protocol. Nevertheless, to ensure the correctness of the simulation, a form of coordination such as the GVT is fundamental. To increase the scalability of this mandatory synchronization, we present in this paper a coordination algorithm for clusters of share-everything multi-core simulation platoforms which is both wait-free and asynchronous. The nature of this protocol allows any computing node to carry on simulation activities while the global agreement is reached.
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Throughput and range characterization of IEEE 802.11ah

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 15:42
Throughput and range characterization of IEEE 802.11ah Baños González, Víctor Hugo; Afaqui, Muhammad Shahwaiz; López, Elena; García Villegas, Eduard © 2017 IEEE. The most essential part of Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure is the wireless communication system that acts as a bridge for the delivery of data and control messages. However, the existing wireless technologies lack the ability to support a huge amount of data exchange from many battery driven devices spread over a wide area. In order to support the IoT paradigm, the IEEE 802.11 standard committee is in process of introducing a new standard, called IEEE 802.11ah. This is one of the most promising and appealing standards, which aims to bridge the gap between traditional mobile networks and the demands of the IoT. In this paper, we first discuss the main PHY and MAC layer amendments proposed for IEEE 802.11ah. Furthermore, we investigate the operability of IEEE 802.11ah as a backhaul link to connect devices over a long range. Additionally, we compare the aforementioned standard with previous notable IEEE 802.11 amendments (i.e. IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11ac) in terms of throughput (with and without frame aggregation) by utilizing the most robust modulation schemes. The results show an improved performance of IEEE 802.11ah (in terms of power received at long range while experiencing different packet error rates) as compared to previous IEEE 802.11 standards.
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Estudio sobre la aplicación de la imagen digital para la evaluación no destructiva del proceso de fraguado de materiales proyectados en la construcción

UPCommons - dj., 09/21/2017 - 15:03
Estudio sobre la aplicación de la imagen digital para la evaluación no destructiva del proceso de fraguado de materiales proyectados en la construcción Agena Kanashiro, Felipe Arturo La imagen digital contiene mucha información que a simple vista no podemos analizar ni evaluar por completo, debido a la capacidad limitada que tiene el ojo humano. Al procesar la información que contiene una imagen digital podemos conocer los valores que la componen de una manera más específica y detallada como si se tratase de la huella digital de una persona. Con esta tecnología se pretende analizar de manera no destructiva del proceso de fraguado de los materiales proyectados, enfocando el análisis en el cambio de color del material para ver si es posible el reemplazo de algunos equipos de medición más directos y agresivos que actualmente son utilizados para el análisis de propiedades del fraguado de materiales. Los materiales proyectados son cada vez más usados en procesos de construcción, pero su adecuada puesta en obra depende del tiempo y calidad de su proceso de fraguado que permite garantizar su adherencia y consistencia, cualidades imprescindibles para aplicar una nueva capa. Para esta investigación se analizaron tres materiales comunes en la construcción proyectada: el yeso, el poliuretano, y el mortero de cemento todos ellos proyectados. Como arquitectos, estamos vinculados tradicionalmente de una manera más directa con el reconocimiento y apreciación de los colores y texturas visuales de los materiales, características que todavía no se consideran decisivas técnicamente para determinar las propiedades físicas de un material. Al ser valores generalmente superficiales y estéticos, es difícil realizar un análisis consistente de las propiedades aparentes de un material sólo considerando el color y la textura. Por este motivo, en este estudio se intentó correlacionar la información entre las mediciones de humedad y resistencia a la penetración de un material en su fase de fraguado y el cambio del color superficial del mismo en el proceso del fraguado para poder establecer una relación entre ambos parámetros.; The digital image contains a lot of information that it can’t be fully analyze or evaluate at a glance, due to the limited capacity of the human eye. When processing information that a digital image contains, we can know the values in a more specific and detailed way as if it were a person's fingerprint. With this technology, it is proposed to non-destructively analyze the curing process of the sprayed materials, focusing the analysis on the color change of the material to see if it is possible to replace some more direct and aggressive measurement equipment that are currently used for the analysis of properties of the curing of materials. Sprayed materials are increasingly used in construction processes, but their correct use in construction depends on the time and quality of their setting process, which ensure their adhesion and consistency, quality prints to apply a new layer. For this research three common materials in the sprayed construction were analyzed: the plaster, the polyurethane, and the cement mortar, all of them sprayed. As architects, we are traditionally linked more directly to the recognition and appreciation of colors and visual textures of materials, characteristics that are still not considered technically decisive in determining the physical properties of a material. Since being generally surface and aesthetic values, it is difficult to perform a consistent analysis of the apparent properties of a material only considering the color and texture. For this reason, in this study we tried to correlate the information between moisture measurements and the resistance to the penetration of a sprayed material in its setting phase and the change of surface color of it in the setting process in order to establish a relationship between both parameters. Màster universitari en Estudis Avançats en Arquitectura: Innovació tecnològica a l’arquitectura
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