Design of a player-plugin for metadata visualization and intelligent navigation

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 23:09
Design of a player-plugin for metadata visualization and intelligent navigation Fernández Chappotin, Alberto This project deals with the implementation of a metadata visualisation tool for the neural network developed by Ugiat Technologies. As it is a video processing software, the implemented tool is a player with extra features that allows to check if the metadata provided by the neural network is right. It has been done using web technologies for better portability, mainly in JavaScript. This way almost any device can use it, but it is created for desktop use, no matter the operating system, since it runs in a web browser, but the screen resolution should be the one of a laptop or a desktop computer, no mobile usage is covered by the design. For a better user experience, it allows voice commands to control some basic functions like playing, pausing and stopping the video as well as for enabling and disabling some of the extra features added to the video player. All the implementation is completely open source and it allows to continue adding functionalities. The product obtained is good not just for helping the development and tests of the processing software, but also for making demos of its performance.
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C-RAN in realistic scenarios

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 23:05
C-RAN in realistic scenarios Stante, Roberto In the first part is described the LTE system containing a description of all the aspects and parameters that should be taken into account when planning. Then there is a Software Planning Tool named Mentum Planet guidelines with detailed and ordered description of all the steps that someone should do to reproduce the LTE planning, with explanations, screen captures to show different panels and with figures obtained explaining the technical details. In the Second part there is a description of the migration from the 4G scenario to 5G. Indeed, eNodeBs become RRHs and are placed some BBU-Pools. Then is introduced the C-RAN architecture and following the work of [11] C-RAN optimization is treated with explanation of the concepts, the algorithms and the results.
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Development of a practical LoRaWAN scenario

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 22:58
Development of a practical LoRaWAN scenario Robles Hidalgo, Klever Felipe LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a networking solution for Internet of Things (IoT) devices offering long range, low power, and low bit rate. In this technology, end-devices use LoRa to physically communicate with gateways. The aim of this master thesis is to develop a practical LoRaWAN scenario focused on educational purposes in order to help students understand the LoRa and LoRaWAN basic parameters and mechanisms such as activation procedures, data rates, transmit power and link quality. The processes to obtain the LoRa packets in a practical LoRaWAN scenario and the tools to analyse them are also presented in this project. The report is dived in four chapters: The first chapter covers a brief overview of the LoRaWAN technology and how it works. The second chapter is focused on all the software and hardware tools and devices that are necessary to develop the practical scenario. The third chapter is a complete guide of the development of the network. The final chapter analyses the different possibilities and parameters that can be managed along with a guide for a Lab session where the steps, for the different class roles (i.e. professor, student), to develop a LoRaWAN practical environment, are presented.
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Millora d’una eina de gamificació

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 22:54
Millora d’una eina de gamificació Martin Cruz, Alejandro Gamification is the introduction of game mechanics in environments that are not considered playful, creating a motivation to do activities by setting goals and awarding prizes to achieve them. Classpip is a tool that applies gamification to the educational environment. Classpip consists of three parts, a web application, a mobile application for iOS/Android and an application that guarantees the communication of both platforms and the persistence of the data. This work has been based on the improvement and expansion of the Classpip project, adding some new features such as ranges and levels or the Rewards one, and making several changes in the code that improves the usability of the application and its subsequent maintenance. In order to encourage adaptation to the future students in the project, a new web application has also been developed. This web collects all the teaching material about the project, and it also serves as an external projection for the project. The latest additions to work have been a manual to facilitate teamwork through Git, and a manual to develop changes and improvements to the new website. The final objective was to have a functional version that can be used at schools.
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Machine learning applied to detection and prevention of unpaid transactions

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 22:49
Machine learning applied to detection and prevention of unpaid transactions Trujillo Martín, Judith Financial entities are increasingly looking for new technologies in order to improve their services and increase their profits. One of the challenges raised by a well-known financial entity is to reduce doubtful credit from the customers' transactions (face-to-face purchases). When transactions are unpaid by customers, the financial entity has to afford it and the corresponding amount of money is added to the doubtful credit. These transactions are accepted due to incorrect validation during the authorization. When the financial entity has connectivity problems and it is not able to validate a transaction, it allows a payment processor entity to validate the transaction. The payment processor entity does not have the legal permission to check if the customer has enough credit to assume the transaction. Therefore, the payment processor entity sometimes validates transactions that the customer will not pay. This project proposes to implement an algorithm able to predict which transactions will be paid by the customer and which not. This algorithm has to be executed by the payment processor entity. This project proposes to implement an algorithm able to predict which transactions will be paid by the customer and which not. Predictions are made without information about the available credit that the customer has. The algorithm has to be executed by the payment processor entity. After testing several models, it is concluded that the Random Forest algorithm trained with balancing techniques can predict 57.6% of all the transactions that will not be paid by customers. All with a certainty of 97.3%.
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Requeriments de latència en xarxes xG per a vehicles autònoms

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 22:44
Requeriments de latència en xarxes xG per a vehicles autònoms Ezponda Aycart, Marc The objective of this TFG is to analyze the latency requirements in the different communication networks applied to autonomous vehicles. We have introduced the main sensors and their different levels of autonomy. The current communication systems have been designed to transmit voice and data. They have delays that are of the order of hundreds of milliseconds, a value that is not enough to prevent two vehicles travelling at medium or high speed from crash. We showed the different types of communications where the autonomous vehicle will be take part. For the autonomous vehicle safety drive it must carry out different types of communication with other vehicles and base stations. In this work, LTE delays have been analyzed to demonstrate that these values do not fulfil the different future applications of the autonomous vehicle. To ensure safety between vehicles, very low latency communications are required. Possible improvements have been evaluated to reduce LTE latency. V2I communication latency has been performed from the SNR and BLER with LOS and NLOS communications. Latency calculation for the scenario of Eixample in Barcelona has been carried out based on the transmitted power of the station. It has been concluded that the current LTE network is not able to guarantee the latency levels established by the 3GPP for very low communications. With the appearance of the 5G network the order of magnitude of the delay will reach the desired value since one of the cases of use for which it has been designed are communications of the URLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications).
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Guia temàtica Biblioteca ETSAB: Barcelona 1700‐1815

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 19:13
Guia temàtica Biblioteca ETSAB: Barcelona 1700‐1815 Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona. Biblioteca
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Guia temàtica Biblioteca ETSAB: Districte Nou Barris

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 18:55
Guia temàtica Biblioteca ETSAB: Districte Nou Barris Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona. Biblioteca Bibliografia sobre Nou Barris, inclou informació sobre La Guineueta i Canyelles, Les Roquetes, Verdun, La Prosperitat, La Trinitat Nova, Trinitat Vella, Torre Baró, Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona, Santa Eulàlia de Vilapicina, Torre Llobeta, Porta, El Turó de la Peira, Can Peguera, Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta.
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Guia temàtica Biblioteca ETSAB: Edificis de la "SEAT"

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 18:37
Guia temàtica Biblioteca ETSAB: Edificis de la "SEAT" Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona. Biblioteca Bibliografia dels edificis de magatzem, exposició, venda, laboratoris i menjadors de la "SEAT" a Barcelona.
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The uneven price impact of energy efficiency ratings on housing segments and implications for public policy and private markets

UPCommons - dj., 02/21/2019 - 17:26
The uneven price impact of energy efficiency ratings on housing segments and implications for public policy and private markets Marmolejo Duarte, Carlos Ramiro; Chen, Ai In the literature, there is extensive, although in some cases inconclusive, evidence on the impact of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) on housing prices. Nonetheless, the question of whether such an impact is homogenous across residential segments remains highly unexplored. This paper addresses this latter issue utilizing multifamily listing data in metropolitan Barcelona. In doing so, first the entire sample is analyzed using a hedonic model. Second, the sample is split on the basis of a multivariate segmentation. Finally, separated hedonic models are specified again. The results suggest that in general, there is a modest impact of EPC ratings on listing prices, nonetheless it is not homogeneous across housing segments: (1) for the most modern apartments, with state-of-the-art features and active environmental comfort, energy ratings seem to play a null role in the formation of prices; (2) conversely, for the cheapest apartments, apartments boasting the most basic features, and apartments located in low-income areas, the “brown discount” is enormously significant, potentially depreciating the equity of those who have the least resources to carry out an energy retrofit. These results have implications for the assessment of the EPBD and its Spanish transposition, since a very well-intentioned environmental policy could have potentially harmful social repercussions in the absence of corrective measures.
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Extracción de vidrio del RSU

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 19:38
Extracción de vidrio del RSU Blanco Granero, Alberto El vidrio es un material reutilizable y 100% reciclable. Si para fabricar un envase de vidrio se utiliza vidrio reciclado en un 90%, se puede ahorrar hasta un 75% de la energía que se necesitaría en caso de utilizar vidrio virgen. El reciclaje de los residuos generados por el vidrio en las propias plantas de fabricación de vidrio se hace desde hace ya varios años, pero, el reciclaje cuotidiano, la recogida y el re-procesamiento de vidrio post-consumo son mucho más recientes y, por tanto, están poco perfeccionados. Es decir, a nivel mundial, el reciclaje del vidrio no es tan bueno como debería. Dicho esto, es el momento de evaluar el impacto ambiental de los envases de vidrio.
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UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 19:20
Nao Margerit, Arthur; Burrell, Dereck; Parras, Marveen The robotics facilities at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) have at their disposal an autonomous humanoid robot by the name of Nao. It is a commercial product developed by SoftBank Robotics for research and educational purposes, and an international project team was assembled for the European Project Semester (EPS) program as a means of assessing its competencies and bolstering them wherever possible. The team set forth with a mission to establish meaningful interactions between the robot and his physical surroundings while placing an emphasis on humanlike behavior to the fullest extent. A goal was soon initiated for Nao to play a rule-based game against a human opponent such that his vast array of available faculties could be tested and put to use in one cohesive demonstration. Achieving this goal meant making advances in artificial intelligence,computer vision and motion planning, first as separate entities that would later converge into a singular yet multifaceted display of abilities. At the end of the project, computer vision has been implemented to the point where pattern recognition can be performed with accuracy amidst awide variety of error-prone detection scenarios. Several artificial intelligence schemes have been explored and compared quantitatively to derive performance metrics for each. Proof-ofconcept movement strategies have also been derived, and best practices for each focus area are provided as a resource for any future researchers or project groups who stand to benefit from the discoveries made in this endeavor
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Redesign a wheelchair: considering ergonomics, functional and social aspects

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 19:05
Redesign a wheelchair: considering ergonomics, functional and social aspects Pazo Molina, Laura People, for whom is impossible to move, need a system for moving around. In most cases, people want to practice daily activities and feel independence, and due to this, people prefer to use manual wheelchairs instead of electrical ones. In the market there are several brands that are improving the mechanics of the wheelchairs, but there are not any brands that reduce the shoulder pain. Because of this, Sprint wanted to incorporate a new system to reduce the pain and create a new lifestyle plenty of activities. This improvement tried to enhance the physical endurance and the psychology of the user. Until now, the project improved the movement of the human but not the the good looking of the wheelchair. Due to this, this part of the project will focus in the welfare of the patient and it will try to obtain a fancy and functional design that incorporates a new comfort for the user. The study will focus in ergonomics, functionality and social aspects and it will improve the mood of the user.
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Redesigning the exhibition gallery of HiOA

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 18:46
Redesigning the exhibition gallery of HiOA Faytre, Alizée; Kok, Robin; Sánchez, Norah; de Weijze, Annemieke The aim of the project was to find out how digital surfaces can bring a positive effect to the exhibition gallery at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). Halfway through the project the first aim changed to focus on redesigning the layout of the exhibition gallery. This was because the project was not able to access the correct user group for the gallery. The defined user group was third year students of the art and dissemination class, but were not available during the time of research. To find out the needs for redesigning the gallery both qualitative and quantitative interviews, observations, and comparisons were made to collect both data and thoughts about the gallery. The results indicated that there was a need for digital surfaces as well as a need for changing the layout of the gallery, both floor, walls and ceiling. This can be done by changing the layout of the gallery by remove part of the wall, apply a warm wooden floor, and smooth surfaces for the walls. The project concludes that there is a need for improving the exhibition gallery and make a better education space, which may include digitals surfaces for exhibiting art. It is also recommend to do a test with a moveable digital screen to find the proper placements to exhibit digital projects.
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El impacto de la ciencia

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 15:14
El impacto de la ciencia Barceló Garcia, Miquel
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Puntos y línea sobre el plano: paseo territorial

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 14:58
Puntos y línea sobre el plano: paseo territorial Jiménez Rivera, Marisol Partiendo del análisis de la situación actual de Igualada en términos de comunicación con el Área Metropolitana de Barcelona i el papel de la infraestructura ferroviaria a su paso por los distintos municipios, se propone un paseo territorial que garantice las comunicaciones longitudinales así como las transversales, reconstruyendo el tejido de borde y minimizando la fractura que supone el paso de las vías en el tejido urbano. El cambio de la modalidad de tren a tranvía permite recuperar como espacio público el espacio ahora ocupado por las vías, pasando de una situación de fractura y barrera a un paseo equipado que presente gran variedad de programes complementarios intermunicipales. Esta primera intervención a escala territorial supone una oportunidad a escala local para detectar espacios en desuso, obsoletos o desprogramados y reurbanizar estos ámbitos de acuerdo a una lectura más actualizada de las necesidades de cada municipio.
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Teixint passatges : intervenció al centre de Terrassa

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 14:45
Teixint passatges : intervenció al centre de Terrassa Fabré Nadal, Martina El programa proposat enriqueix les zones de pas i, a la vegada, la circulació de vianants per l’interior de les naus contribueix a potenciar les activitats.
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Residència d'estudiants al barri 22@

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 14:35
Residència d'estudiants al barri 22@ Rodríguez Ustrell, Ricard El solar comprès entre el Carrer Pujades i Carrer Pallars inclou un seguit de preexistències, les quals formaran part del projecte i intervindran en ell. El nou passatge comunicarà els dos carrers, i la residencia d’estudiants dotarà de personalitat als nous espais i patis.
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Centre plurifuncional a l'Eixample

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 14:30
Centre plurifuncional a l'Eixample Burrial Vidal, Gemma L’objectiu del projecte és provar un sistema per reutilitzar l’espai dels terrats de l’Eixample, que acostumen a tenir un ús molt reduït. L’estratègia es desenvolupa en una cantonada de l’Eixample com a edifici pilot.
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Biblioteca a la plaça de Sarrià + arxiu municipal + sala polivalent

UPCommons - dc., 02/20/2019 - 14:21
Biblioteca a la plaça de Sarrià + arxiu municipal + sala polivalent Martín Navarro, Sonia El meu projecte tracta d’incorporar diferents usos en un mateix edifici, tals com: biblioteca municipal, arxiu municipal i sala polivalent. Tots aquests usos es comuniquen interiorment i també han de tenir un accés privatiu per tal de poder ser utilitzats en diferents franges horaries. La idea principal és la de tenir una espina estructural de manera que em creés uns espais interiors de diferents dimensions, on a cada planta es reproduïa la mateixa espina tot i que augmentant longituds. L’edifici es tracta com si fos un conjunt de capses apilades on es van movent i creant diferents terrasses a diferents nivells. Creant alhora uns grans voladissos que es resolen amb l’elecció de l’estructura. Com a paraments de façana s’escullen panells lleugers que es van collant a l’estructura de murs de càrrega de l’edifici, creant una contradicció entre allò potent, que seria crear un edifici del tot de formigó armat, i la lleugeresa que aporta l'esmentada façana.
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